Family Session Tips

Family Session Tips

A lot of our clients get a little lost when planning their family photos but this should be a fun process. We want to capture your personality and love you share with each member of your family. You also what to think about what you will be doing with these images. Will you hang them on the wall? What about displaying them on a coffee table? Sharing them on social media? Sending them to loved ones?


Tips for great family photos:

- Kinda match

  Not everyone needs to be in a white shirt and jeans. Mix and match patterns and solids but keep the colors matching. Let the style of each family member show as you are documenting this stage of your life as a family.

- Family colors

  What colors are included in your home decor? If you are planning on hanging your photos in you living room and you have color scheme of purple and blue have your family wear these colors. this will make your images match your decor and give them the feel of being part of your design and not just a photo.

- Design

We love getting prints and other photo items delivered to our door (It feels like Christmas EVERY TIME)! To me the best part is holding a beautiful photo in my hands and seeing them on the walls and all over the house. This is something to consider if you are planning an epic wall display, send out Christmas cards or posting on social media.

- Keeping the PEACE!

  The day of a photo session can be stressful, especially if you have unwilling participants (sometimes known as kiddos or husbands, but we still love them)! Make sure they get a good nights sleep and are feed before your session. Having something on hand for the kids works well and candy for a bribe is also a good idea!

- Have FUN!

  Wear lays, fun accessories, dress it up or keep it casual but make it you! 


If you have any questions we would love to help out! You can always message us describing what challenges you are having and we will give any advice we can or you can send us a photo and we can go from there. Our goal is to give you all the tools to really create your perfect portrait!